Find and use all your corporate templates easy from your office applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


It's also possible to filter the templates based on custom filters, making it easier to find the correct template you need.


With DocsNode Templates you will always have the latest version of the corporate templates. 

Text snippets

Our text snippets allows you to use corporate text snippets that is already created, or you can just mark any text within Word and save it as a snippet. 


Allowing you to create your contracts or proposal a lot faster, and always using the corporate approved snippets. 

Corporate images

Have you ever needed to insert images or your corporate logo into your documents or proposal. Or maybe you want to add your signature into your contracts.

With our insert image this is easier than ever before. You can browse and search between the images approved by your company. And just select and insert the image where you want them.



Coming soon