Document Center

All your documents are in one place

No need to look for your documents anymore. 

Open DocsNode Center and all your documents will be there, both from OneDrive and SharePoint.

Office 365, SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

100% perfect for your Office 365 ecosystem. Supporting both Modern and Classic SharePoint. And available within Microsoft Teams.

Create boards that makes sense to you

Everyone is different, and everyone want to collect documents in different ways. That’s why we have given you the power to create boards where you can put the documents that is important for you.

Create as many or as few boards as you want.

Favorites, favorites, favorites

Do you have some documents you use more often, no worries, just make it into a favorite, and why not favorite some of your boards also, to make sure you don’t waste any time looking for your documents?

Templates integration

With the push of a button you also have access to all your corporate templates from within DocsNode center, all you need is to buy DocsNode Template Selector and you are ready to go.


You might have a lot of documents and to make it easier to find the one you need, we have different filters you can use, for instance document type, when it was last modified etc…